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 An offer

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PostSubject: An offer   Wed Jan 23, 2008 11:43 am

Hey, i messaged joopli awhile ago about if you 2 would like to merge into DD but i didn't get a response, i'm not sure if thats because you two weren't interested or if joopli just didn't get the message....

i've seen that MOSH is now down to only you and joopli and i thought would you two like to become apart of DD? i'm doing some recruiting at the moment and we'd love to have 2 strong active members like yourselves in the allaince.

Please get back to me on this i'd really appreciate it.


I told him things were busy in RL and thanks for the offer but weew not sure what will be as yet. To which he replied:

Okay cheers for the reply, i if you do decide to break up MOSH then DD wil welcome you with open arms Wink

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An offer
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